Urban Governance and City Transformation in Nairobi

Urban Governance and City Transformation

Nairobi, Kenya

The Nairobi Urban Governance and City Transformation Utafti Sera house was inaugurated on January, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The House is hosted by PAMOJA Trust, an NGO that work to facilitate and advocate for processes and approaches aimed at strengthening people’s organisation formations to ensure better livelihoods for the urban poor. The house brings together a community of practice and interest working to enhance policy processes and outcomes around issues related to Urban Governance and inclusive city dwelling in Nairobi, Kenya.


House Membership consists of a diverse set of urbanists and other interested stakeholders including governmental institutions in-charge of land and infrastructure development (KENHA, National Lands Commission), Members of Parliament, legal experts, academics and public intellectuals, donor partners and development agencies, CSOs and urban slam community representatives.

The Nairobi Urban Governance Utafiti Sera House focus on providing evidence for productive engagement and policy processes aimed at improving social aspects of urban infrastructure development in Nairobi (mechanisms for public participation in infrastructure projects, devising a national framework for just compensation and resettlement schemes for person affected by infrastructure development and securing land tenure rights for the urban poor).