Urban Governance and City Transformation in Kigali

Urban Governance and City Transformation

Kigali, Rwanda

The Utafiti Sera house on Urban Governance and City Transformation in Rwanda was inaugurated on January 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda.

The house is hosted by the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research-Rwanda (IPAR-Rwanda) is the leading independent, not-for-profit research and policy analysis think tank in Rwanda, in partnership with PASGR. It forms a community of practice and interest that seeks to enhance policy processes and outcomes around issues related to Urban Governance in Kigali, Rwanda.


Seeking to promote inclusive and evidence-informed policy-making, the house represents a diverse set of stakeholders including representatives of the residents of Kigali, government officials, members of parliament, legal experts, academics, public intellectuals, development partners and agencies. 

The provision of affordable housing, access to effective and affordable public transport, and improving waste management for enhanced public health are some of the priority issues collectively identified by the stakeholders in the house in need of evidence for policy intervention.