The Need for Comprehensive Legal Framework for Social Protection in Kenya


Globally, social protection (SP) is recognised as one of the approaches for tackling poverty and promoting inclusive growth. In Africa, social protection has become a mainstay in poverty reduction strategies with many African countries developing SP strategies. In Kenya, the government has put in place various policy strategies to guide the implementation of SP interventions. These include: the Constitution of Kenya (2010), the Kenya Vision 2030, (2007) and the National Social Protection Policy (2011). However, these policies have not been fully operationalised to ensure enjoyment of these rights by the beneficiaries. Two main challenges stand on the path to operationalising SP policy. They include limited research and the extent to which available evidence inform SP interventions.
This Policy Brief presents findings of various innovative research and engagement activities supported by a collaboration of the Partnership for African Social and Governance Research (PASGR), Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development (INCLUDE) and the AIHD. The activities– research and a Research-policy Community (Utafiti Sera) on Social Protection in Kenya were aimed at informing and influencing policy uptake.


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